Lockdown is turning us back to the days of feudalism.

By Derek W Gardiner

People are perfectly right to be outraged about one rule for the elite and one rule for the common folk and that has become quite apparent over recent weeks. First, we had the G7 summit where world leaders and diplomats were allowed to travel into the UK with no requirement to quarantine for 10 days as would be legally mandated for anyone else, they gathered around for a BBQ at the weekend with no masks or social distancing and breaking the maximum of 30 people allowed to meet outdoors. This would not have been so bad if it weren't followed the next Monday by the Prime Minister announcing a delay to the removal of lockdown restrictions for a further four weeks. Second, we had the UEFA championship kick off with players representing several "amber list" countries, many of them on six-figure weekly salaries, also being exempt from the 10-day isolation requirement. Then finally the straw that broke the camels back being the leaked footage of the health secretary Matt Hancock kissing one of his aides, clearly misunderstanding the meaning of hands, face, space.

It is reminiscent of the days of serfdom when the serfs were tied to the land and forced to work there all their lives but the lords were free to travel as they liked and were subject to different laws than the ones they imposed on their subjects. We now live in a time where everyone is to be subject to the rule of law equally, especially those who make it. Hancock was, of course, right to resign but it shows that the elite themselves no longer take the threat of this virus, which they have been telling us is so dangerous for over a year, seriously. If hugging, kissing and shaking hands is good enough for our leaders then it is good enough for the rest of us.

People have been labelled as "selfish" for getting on with their lives as normal and outrage has been stirred up against those who dare to protest against these draconian restrictions which lose more and more credibility and justification by the day. But it is small businesses that have lost hundreds of billions of pounds collectively over the last year, many of them going out of business altogether while the fortunes of Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerburg have increased by nearly $200 Billion since the pandemic began, who really are the selfish ones?

It is time for a serious rethink about the rule of law and how it should be followed, the politicians work for us and we do not work for them. I have objected strongly to the imposition of lockdown regulation but any breaches of the rules by the lawmakers, however small, should trigger immediate resignation, that might deter them from imposing rules so stringent that they themselves are incapable of obeying.

Furthermore, there should be no exemptions for certain categories of people, if the binman and the cleaner have to follow a certain set of rules when they come back from a holiday abroad then a foreign diplomat or head of state should be no different. Having one rule for the elite and another for the ordinary working person effectively reverses the enlightenment and the progress towards equality before the law we have made in the past 300 years.