Sunday Column: A victory for Joe Biden is bad for the world.

A Joe Biden victory would see a return to woke politics, foreign wars and corporate bailouts.


By Derek W Gardiner

As the United States comes closer to election day Joe Biden has had to wheel out Barack Obama, a man who has not been in frontline politics since he left the White House in 2017 because the Democratic party is so devoid of talent. In contrast to Obama's successful campaigns in 2008 and 2012 which ran largely on him alone because he had style and charisma if not much in the way of substance.

Biden on the other hand has neither charisma nor substance, the promises he has made are largely the same as what Obama made in 2008 and 2012 but failed to deliver on. His plans for healthcare were a disaster which left millions of people worse off. He failed to close Guantanamo Bay, withdraw from Afghanistan even after the death of Osama Bin Laden or pass the immigration reform he wanted, indeed he made family seperation and detention worse. And despite his claim to be on the side of the average person, continued to bail out corporations and banks.

The promises made by Joe Biden are no different, they will not work and end up enriching Biden's friends at the expense of the taxpayer. Foreign policy will return to "normal" meaning more wars and more countries being bombed if some excuse can be found to do so. And while the Democrats may claim to be on the side of the average earner, taxes will be increased on them. Biden is also likely to go for federally mandated COVID restrictions forcing states into lockdown against their will while Trump has allowed states to determine their own policies with the predictable results of liberal states locking down longer and harder and mass exodus of talent and investment from them to more conservative states that have chosen to open up.

Donald Trump has kept mostly to his word. He has made deals around the world with previously hostile states such as North Korea and has eliminated ISIS and Al Baghdadi, exited the Paris climate agreement and withdrawn troops from Syria and announced a withdrawal from Afghanistan. He has encouraged America to open up and the results have seen a rise in growth and employment rather than the self imposed economic destruction we have seen in Britain with a second national lockdown. Biden would put all of this into reverse.

As for the man himself, he has said that he was a member of the senate for 180 years which means he must have been present at the Gettysburg address with Abraham Lincoln, he has said he plans to beat himself in the Presidential election and come under heavy fire for suggesting that black voters who "had a problem figuring out" whether to vote for him or Trump were not black.

The riots that have been seen will also only get worse as Biden is unlikely to stand up to organisations such as ANTIFA that have caused destruction across America's cities and terrorised local business owners for supporting the Police. A Biden victory would simply represent a return to business as usual as it was under Obama and not the genuine progress that has happened under Trump. Yes, there is room for improvement in Trump's record but he is the better option.

Boris Johnson has now implemented a policy he himself said would be a disaster. Time for a backbench revolt.

Boris Johnson said last night that he was sorry to interrupt everyone's Saturday night with the sudden departure from what his own ministers were saying just 24 hours earlier which was that they were going to continue with the more sensible tier system, where only highly infected areas would go into full lockdown and instead implement it across the whole of England.

This may go down in history as the most catastrophic act of self destruction that a nation has voluntarily undertaken and it won't be only the lockdown itself that kills businesses but also the uncertainty. The government has lost all credibility, it can't make a single announcement without U-turning on it in the next 48 hours. The lockdown is supposed to last until December 2nd but Michael Gove raised the possibility that lockdown could be extended even beyond that. Is it any wonder that the people have lost faith.

I am not longer certain that Boris Johnson is fit to lead this country. "Advisors advise and ministers decide" is how the old saying goes but now it seems to be the reverse. SAGE demand a lockdown and they get one while ministers such as Rishi Sunak are told to keep quiet.

Sir Ian Duncan Smith has rightly pointed out that the government are not the ones making decisions here saying that SAGE advice is being treated as if it were "commandments written on stone" this is despite the alternative scientific opinions available from people including Nobel Prize winners and Oxford epidemiologists.

The Prime Minister managed to extend the Coronavirus Act by promising MPs a vote on a second nationwide lockdown when that happens backbench MPs such as Graham Brady, Steve Baker and Sir Desmond Swayne need to put their money where their mouth is and vote no to this disater.

The irony is that with England, Wales and Northern Ireland now in lockdown, Scotland is the least restricted part of the UK. How long will that last I wonder.