Sunday Column: Brexit was about much more than a blue passport.

Ursula Von Der Leyen (Brexit Central)

By Derek W Gardiner

It's curious that lockdown scepticism has come, mostly, from Brexiteers all of this despite remainers professed love for freedom of movement. This can perhaps be explained by adversity to risk on the part of remainers while brexiteers are more favourable to risk. The remainer radio presenter, James O'Brien said that anti-lockdowners believe "economic damage is a price worth paying for a blue passport but not a price worth paying to keep your gran alive". But this week it seems that whatever economic damage will result from Brexit will be a price we are paying to keep our elderly citizens alive through vaccinations.

The EU's shameful behaviour this week in attempting to block vaccine supplies into Britain by using Article 16 of the Northern Ireland protocol should be a wake-up call to those who thought the EU had Britains best interests at heart however the EU chooses to deal with its disputes with AstraZeneca in its own borders is its own business but it has no business threatening the lives of British citizens in this way. It is also worth pointing out that if we were in the EU then we would not be vaccinating our citizens at the rate we are doing now, we would have had to share our supplies with the EU and take part in the disastrous EU vaccination programme which would have left us worse off in terms of vaccine supplies and we would have had to wait longer for its approval. So the next time someone asks for a Brexit dividend, the ability to make vaccines available to the elderly and vulnerable in this country comes to mind.

The nation-state has made a massive comeback in this pandemic. Countries have taken different approaches to deal with the pandemic, some more effective than others, however, border closures and not lockdowns seem to have been the most effective way of controlling the spread of the virus around the world. Unfortunately for Britain, our borders were closed too late but we may now be able to stop new variants entering. It has been suggested by a member of the World Health Organisation that it would be moral for us to stop our vaccination programme once we have vaccinated all the vulnerable so that we can share our supplies. That would be a disaster, our primary objective must be to get all those who wish to be vaccinated in Britain a chance at getting it so that we can build herd immunity in our population and I would have no criticisms of other nations putting the safety of their own populations first nor do I expect Britain to be penalised for doing the same.

We must have a free market recovery.

Many have talked of the pandemic as an opportunity for a reset but have been quite vague as to what this reset would involve. But the common theme is big government intervention in our lives to tackle other "crises" like climate change. Many on the authoritarian left have been in awe at the power of government to control our lives during this pandemic, something that has driven me to despair, and want governments to use authoritarianism and state intervention to advance their own agendas. For example, Boris Johnson pledging to ban new petrol and diesel cars by 2030 and Joe Biden's rejoining of the Paris Climate Agreement.

We were offered a big government socialist reset at the 2019 General election and we rejected it in favour of a Conservative government but we have got a green liberal, who pretended to be a populist to win the election, instead. The measures proposed by the environmental lobby will make us all poorer and cost thousands of jobs. Take, for example, Biden's cancellation of the Keystone oil pipeline which has been estimated to cost 11,000 jobs. Making cars and energy more expensive for people to use will barely affect the rich but hammer to the poor who already have to choose between heating and eating due to the green taxes.

The power of government has not given me hope that this power can be used in the right way but rather a desire to massively restrain the overreach and dangerous incompetence of government. When we come to finally deal with the economic meltdown we have created because of continued lockdowns than the government must get out of the way and let the market do its work, otherwise, we face years of stagnant growth and declining living standards.

The evidence of Craig Murray should have gotten more coverage.

Craig Murray (

The sworn affidavit of Craig Murray, a former diplomat and supporter of independence should be compulsory reading for any journalist covering the Salmond affair, it details a vast conspiracy involving the Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, top civil servants and members of the judiciary to frame Alex Salmond for the sexual assault allegations of which he was cleared last March.

Yet there has been very little press coverage of it. The BBC, STV and other Scottish media seem to be biased in favour of Sturgeon despite all the SNP supporters who claim they are biased in favour of the Tories. It is noticeable that Sturgeon did not take the COVID briefing on Friday and no questions were asked about this at Frist Ministers Questions on Thursday.

If these allegations came out against Boris Johnson, in a court of law and from a passionate supporter of Brexit then it would be headline news but the fact that a supporter of independence has given this evidence knowing that it will damage the credibility of an independence supporting Scottish government seems curious to say the least.