Sunday Column: Forget the "special relationship", CANZUK and the commonwealth are the way forward.

By Derek W Gardiner

So it looks like Joe Biden will take the White House, although the challenges in the Supreme Court have not yet run their course. Mr Biden's election is bad news for US-UK relations despite the BBC singing his praises this morning. Now any trade deal between our countries will take much longer to negotiate, require more concessions from us and we may end up being a third party in some TTIP style relationship that is negotiated with the EU. Biden refused to speak to the BBC responding "I'm Irish", which may have just been a joke taken out of context but Biden's Irish roots mean he's more likely to side with the Republic on issues such as the Good Friday Agreement than Britain while Trump was more willing to stay out of our internal affairs.

No US President, however globalist they maybe would sign up to an agreement that saw their congress overruled by a North American parliament in Havana and a Court of Justice in Ottawa with financial rule from Mexico City. By supporting Britain's integration with the EU, the United States has proven that it is no friend of ours. The so-called "special relationship" was only held together in recent years due to personal friendships between Tony Blair and Geroge W Bush and later David Cameron and Barack Obama, it's unlikely there will be such a friendship between Boris Johnson and Joe Biden. Despite the praise Trump gave about Boris Johnson, Johnson also said he wouldn't want to venture into New York City so he didn't run into Donald Trump. We followed the United States into their disastrous wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya damaging our own international standing by doing so but they never helped us in the Falklands War, in Northern Ireland or at Suez.

I have stated the many benefits of CANZUK in previous articles so I will avoid making the full case here. What I will say is that Canada, Australia and New Zealand have stood shoulder to shoulder with Britain in two world wars, they have never let us down but we acted shamefully in 1973 by dumping them to pursue trade with the EU, with Brexit just a few weeks away, commonwealth countries are queuing up to do deals with Britain, you may not hear this in the media but it's true. Now that America looks like it's going to turn its back on us again, let's rebuild our special relationship with the commonwealth, starting with CANZUK.

America is a declining power, Donald Trump did what was necessary to revive the American economy. Biden will continue America's managed decline, he will make deals to outsource American jobs to China, emboldening them and aiding their rise a global power, he will increase taxes resulting in businesses fleeing the States. China will be a major global player this century and a serious threat to our values of individual freedom and the rule of law. The best way to counter this is to create a strong trade bloc and reduce our dependence on China.

Boris' second lockdown has echos of the Iraq War.

While we tried to revive the spirit of the Second World War for the first lockdown with a weekly clap for carers and the work of Colonel Sir Tom Moore to raise money for the NHS was able to unite the country around the lockdown with the hope of a better future once it was over.

This lockdown is more reminiscent of the Iraq war where we were not united in going in. We entered based on faulty data about weapons of mass destruction that could be launched within 48 hours and millions of people took to the streets in protest.

Now it looks like we are about to enter into a period of lockdown which is entirely unnecessary. Several scientists have now said that the R rate is now 1 exactly and the tier system of localised restrictions was working, charts that showed death rates could go as high as 4,000 a say were revised down and several Conservative MPs have indicated that they will vote against any extension of this second lockdown, meaning the Prime Minister will have to rely on the opposition, yes you read that correctly.

Also with no clear exit strategy, this disaterous policy threatens to extend over the Chrismas period unless it becomes clear that parliament and the people will not tolerate it. There are already mass protests planned for this weekend and the pubic support for the measures has waned. Even YouGov which reports quite high support for restrictions shows 72% of the British public supports lockdown down from 93% in March, other polls with higher sample sizes have shown over 50% are against a second lockdown.

There is a tendency among woke twitter loons to blame it on the public and say that they have not complied with the measures but this is untrue, most people have complied and are being blamed for a rise in cases that was always going to happen when the winter came.

Public opinion is turning against lockdown and Boris must reflect on this and end this damaging policy before it ends his political career.