Sunday Column: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be a step backwards for America.

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

By Derek W Gardiner

As the increasingly absurd US Presidential election rages on, this week we had the Democratic party's national convention at which 77-year-old Joe Biden was formally nominated to run for President of the United States despite serious concerns about his mental and physical health. His speech, while more alert and energetic than most, was completely devoid of any policy or substance. It started by casting President Trump as a "force of darkness" and blaming him for COVID and the subsequent economic fallout and then saying he would act as a force for good without one word as to how he was going to do this.

The truth is the Democratic party is too divided to have any coherent policies. They are desperately struggling to keep the Bernie Sanders supporters on side, given that Mr Sanders actually stood for something and was able to amass large support and once again failed to secure the nomination. These "Bernie bros" are now saying they will vote for third party candidates such as the Greens or even vote for Trump out of spite. The Democrats have even gone as far as to create a "Settle for Biden" campaign, which shows how much of an inspiring leader he is if voters are being encouraged to reluctantly "settle for" him.

However, the real issue is that Mr Biden is as old and frail as the ideas he represents, the idea that American industry should be moved overseas while the government funds corporations and banks when they run themselves into the ground, that the size of the federal government must increase so that they can enact more authoritarian policies such as hate speech laws, compulsory mask-wearing and green taxes and that endless foreign wars should once again become the norm.

Whatever your opinion is on Trump, the reason why he was elected is that working-class American voters were fed up with losing their jobs, being bossed around by nannying big government and being labelled as racist bigots if they objected. It is the same reason why Boris Johnson won on this side of the Atlantic because British voters were fed up of being labelled stupid and ill-informed for voting for Brexit.

A vote for Joe Biden and his establishment Democrat running mate Kamala Harris (who secured less than 1% of the vote when she ran against Biden for the nomination) will simply turn the clock back 4 years to the Obama era when it was all talk of hope and change but it never moved beyond mere talk. Biden and Harris have talked about creating jobs but they have no idea how they will actually achieve this. While President Trump has cut taxes they will put up taxes while President Trump has removed America from trade agreements that benefit no-one but transnational corporations, they would be happy to sign up for dead in the water deals such as the Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Let's take a moment to look at President Obama's record. Obama promised to get American troops out of Iraq and stop America's involvement in foreign wars when he ran in 2008 but he plunged the middle east further into war by attacking Libya. He promised to close Guantanamo Bay but that never happened. He promised to be a unifying president but could not stop protests and riots breaking out all over the country. He did nothing to reform the police but is now demanding President Trump do so. Obamacare was a disaster which hiked up health insurance costs and left millions out of pocket. That's why voters rejected more of the same in 2016 and I hope they will do so again in 2020.

Mandatory Quarantines Are Now Pointless.

The two-week quarantine policy is getting beyond the joke. If such a policy were to be effective then it should have been implemented in February or early March but we are past the point of no return. COVID is here and we need to learn to get on with it.

Yet, this week travellers in Croatia, Austria and Trinidad and Tobago were given less than 48 hours notice to return home or face a 14-day quarantine on their return. People often plan holidays months in advance so suddenly saying that you must up sticks and end your holiday within the next 2 days is simply not affordable for most people. It will only make matters worse for the travel industry with tourists not willing to take the risk of going to another country lest it suddenly be added to the quarantine list with next to no notice.

Perhaps it is time for another one of these U-turns the government has grown so fond of recently.

The BBC are attacking some of the last collective sources of national pride.

The British Broadcasting Corporation, the clue is in the name, was once a source of national pride which all British people could come together around from the Queen's speech on Christmas day to documentaries on the heroic struggles of our past, British dramas series such as Doctor Who and the patriotic anthems played at the last night of the proms. God Save the Queen even played when the channel ceased broadcasting at midnight.

But now the BBC has gone woke and would be going broke if British citizens were not compelled to pay for it by force of law. News and documentaries have been turned into woke propaganda, comedy shows such as Frankie Boyle's New World Order have been turned into unfunny political chat shows about how bad President Trump is and Doctor Who has been irreversibly trashed.

It has emerged that one of the last items that could make us feel proud of our nation, the performing of Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and glory, are to be axed. Why? Because someone thinks it's racist, a Finnish conductor named Dalia Stasevsk to be precise who wants to use the moment "to bring change". Never mind that Britain led the way in abolishing slavery throughout the empire, never mind that we led the way in limiting the power of kings, giving the working class and women the vote and creating the rule of law, it is us who need to change.

In my view, the only thing that needs to change is to end the compulsion on every citizen of this country to pay a licence fee for the privilege of watching TV in the 21st century when there are hundreds of channels and streaming services to choose from then we can finally consign this wretched organisation into bankruptcy.