Sunday Column: The fact that ministers can now decide whether we have a Christmas is very disturbing

By Derek W Gardiner

Our "libertarian" Prime Minister, Alexander Boris DePfeffel Johnson, has been away in isolation for several days now pondering the question of whether to allow the country to have a "normal" Christmas, where lockdown rules will be relaxed for a period of 5 days. Similar aspirations were made clear by Nicola Sturgeon as a justification for putting around half the Scottish population into tier 4 restrictions which resemble full lockdown. It beggars belief that now cabinet ministers have the final decision as to whether families, religious or not can come together to celebrate.

It shows how far we have gone in the wrong direction since this time last year when such things were unthinkable. Not since the days of Oliver Cromwell, in the 1650s, have families been forbidden from celebrating Chrismas but now we see programmes like Good Morning Britain and the BBC inviting people on to tell the country that getting together for Christmas would be a disaster and that they would have to pay with another month of total lockdown with all the economic damage that would entail. Opinion polls which say the majority of the public don't want restrictions to be lifted on Chrismas day (something I don't for a moment believe). We also have the police threatening to break up Christmas dinners if they are more than six people present because they know that the majority of the public will not obey. The suicidal path of this government is unbelievable, how can any government expect to win re-election by crashing the economy and banning Christmas. The remainers of Twitter were screaming for the last 4 years about their loss of freedom of movement and saying the British economy was entering a self-inflicted recession because of Brexit and yet they are lining up to cheer on lockdown after lockdown.

The government live in a metropolitan bubble and this is especially true after the removal of Dominic Cummings and his allies, they listen to what people say on Twitter or how they respond to opinion polls but they don't stop to think that this is not how ordinary people think.

Nobody voted for a ban on petrol cars.


What has happened to Boris Johnson, he doesn't seem to understand the type of people that got him his 80 seat majority in the first place. Many of them were working-class trades people who run their own businesses from their van, now they will have to spend tens of thousands more to "upgrade" to an electric van by 2030 as the sale of petrol and diesal vehicles will be banned, all those who need access to a car to do their job will also have to pay more and all this is coupled with a pay per mile road tax system to replace the current one.

I don't know what kind of people Boris is trying to attract with this nonsense but they likely will not vote for him anyway because they don't think these draconian measures go far enough or they incorrectly assume that he is a "right-wing populist" when he is nothing of the sort, he only used populist rhetoric to win the 2019 election with the aid of Dominic Cummings.

Now the primary decision-maker in Downing Street seems to be Mr Johnson's fiance Carrie Symonds who supports the green agenda and will cheerfully wave to the masses saying "let them drive electric cars" completely out of touch with the life of a northern tradesman or inner-city courier.

I know the liberal metropolitan elite find ordinary working people distasteful but surely the government realises they are far more likely to vote for them than some climate activists.

The Scottish Tories have made a serious mistake in backing the travel ban.

Readers of the column should be familiar with my views on the complete lack of opposition to the SNP provided by the Scottish Tories so I will only highlight the latest example of this. Oliver Mundell (one of the only real opposition politicians in Holyrood) resigned from the "shadow cabinet" in order to vote against the party whip to support SNP imposed travel restrictions, which only came to a vote because Labour forced one, into or out of tier 3 or 4 areas, this is not the "strong opposition" we voted for back in 2016 and the Tories will face fury from their grassroots members for backing the Scottish government rather than opposing them as they were elected to do.