Sunday Column: The only beneficiary of the Welsh lockdown will be Amazon.

Sky News

By Derek W Gardiner

The latest lockdown insanity seems to be happening in Wales this week. On Monday the principality massively overreacted to a rise in coronavirus cases by imposing a two-week "firebreaker" lockdown which they said would save Christmas but it won't save the hundreds of small businesses who will suffer a massive loss in revenue as a result. The glorified county council that is the Welsh Assembly then decided to create a "level playing field" with smaller businesses such as hardware stores and clothes shops by forcing supermarkets to shut down the isles that sold "non-essential" items. From what I gather this includes bed linen, furniture, greeting cards, stationery (still non-essential to people in School apparently) and electrical appliances but you are still OK to buy a bottle wine and a box of chocolates.

This all comes with a catch, however, deliveries of any items are still permitted. So there is nothing to stop you logging into Amazon and buying a new pair of trousers rather than shopping at your local retailer. Even supermarket giants such as Tesco and Sainsbury's are not big enough to benefit from this only Amazon whose CEO Jeff Bezos has seen his fortune rise by £19 Billion (more than the GDP of some countries) this year will be the only ones allowed to make any profit from this "level playing field" while a small Welsh retailer or bookseller will have to close his business and suffer even more loss added on to what they lost in the spring, all this under a Labour government that is supposed to be on the side of the little guy.

Even back in March, we did not go that far, despite threats from some police chiefs to search our trolleys for non-essential items and set up roadblocks, the government thankfully stepped in and clarified that you could still buy anything you wanted in a supermarket. The regulations have gotten so out of hand now that one must wonder how long the public is going to put up with this, polls may say that the public is against easing restrictions but as in the US election, they have a habit of saying what the media and government want them to say. The backlash against these measures only illustrates the point, one can only hope that the Welsh government reverses this stupidity.

Why don't we just have GMT all year round?

So the clocks have gone back once again and British Summer Time or Daylight Saving Time has ended. I always use this time of year as an opportunity to reset my routine and get up an hour earlier every day rather than just the Sunday when the clocks go back. What is the point in all of this in the first place? Well, it was introduced in 1916 during the first world war to alleviate air raid blackout by making it lighter earlier in the morning before that time was calculated using a sundial and there were different times in each part of the country before the GMT was adopted across Great Britain in 1847. However, many of the allies repealed daylight saving time after the end of the war. Britain did not. We are now in European time for seven months every year.

So what purpose does this fake time serve in the modern world? absolutely none. Except that it forces us all out of bed an hour earlier and has faced mass opposition from farmers who have no light in the morning. It is foolish to think that our bodily routine is determined by the time on the clocks. It is determined by the position of the sun in the sky. This is especially true for young people who cannot yet read a clock. This will cause disruption to their sleep and their health. In addition, the risk of heart attacks increases by 10% and sleep deprivation becomes widespread. I myself often find it more difficult to get out of bed early in the summer than in the winter despite the darkness in the morning.

As we leave the EU and plot our course as an independent country perhaps It's time to liberate ourselves from the tyranny of uber early risers and restore the authentic Greenwich Mean Time as our time all year round.

Nicola Sturgeon's five tier system does not seem to understand what "normal" is.

The new five tier system unveiled by the despot Sturgeon this week confusingly starting at "level 0" and ending at "level 4" will be rolled up once this bizarre "circuit breaker" mini lockdown finally ends next week (it should have ended this week as Sturgeon said in her statement to parliament but that was another lie).

The lowest level 0 would see restrictions where they were in August with a rule of 8 rather than a rule of 6 indoors and a maximum of 15 people from 5 households meeting up outdoors while level 4 would be a full lockdown with meeting with one other household outdoors up to a maximum of 6 people and indoor gatherings banned, hospitality would also be forced to close.

This is just the same as what Johnson has implemented in England with a few minor changed to allow Sturgeon to take some credit for once again copying the English system. But what is most distressing is that level 0 is not normal it still entails substantial restrictions on our everyday life, all of this until we get some sort of barely tested vaccine, well what of this vaccine doesn't work then what?

We need to get rid of these restrictions soon before they become ingrained in our way of life much like the yearly ritual of changing clocks.