The Democrats Still Don't Understand Why Trump Won

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

By Oliver James Pike

Having, explored every possibility. From 50% of the country being white supremacists to Russian secret agents meddling in the vote, the Democrats are still at a loss. If anything made this obvious it is their selection of Joe Biden as their presidential candidate.

The surprise election of Donald Trump happened because Americans were fed up with the status quo. They were tired of both republican and democrat politicians forwarding the interests of giant lobbying forces, embracing globalism with open arms and putting the interests of other nations before those of ordinary Americans. If the democrats had realised this they would have selected Bernie sanders (although he would still have likely lost). Both Sanders and Trump are free from the influences of lobbyists, are inherently anti-establishment and brutally honest. With Biden, the Democrats have selected a candidate who seeks to return to the old ways of politics. His positions on social issues have changed several times throughout his career (leading many to see him as nothing more than a malleable puppet for the highest bidder or loudest activist group), he is a part of the industrialised lobbying of American politics and he has all the baggage from the Obama administration (which for all purposes was an establishment project).

So hellbent on preventing a principled anti-establishment candidate from running against trump, the democrats have chosen in Joe Biden someone who lacks the ambition and charisma to lead a successful campaign. While recent rioting and the coronavirus crisis has resulted in a dip in the polls for Trump, things will change when the election campaign kicks into full gear. The second both men get on the same stage the often confused and disorientated Biden will look out of his depth against the showmanship of Trump.

On China, Biden has always been a staunch advocate of tying the US to China in terms of both manufacturing and geopolitical cooperation. Trump, on the other hand, made China (Or Chyna) a focal point of his campaign. He used it as one of the major examples where globalisation and weak leadership had undermined the economic potential of America and with it millions of jobs. To those struggling, as a result, Trump’s platform was a breath of fresh air.

Trumps wider stance on the economy has seen record low unemployment and extra money in the pockets of working Americans. Biden looking to stand for an expansion of the welfare state and the introduction of numerous new government programs will appear to voters as a step backwards. The image of strength and renewal will be starkly contrasted with the image of increased regulation and undercutting of US economic interests on the altar of globalism.

On immigration, Trump offered powerful solutions to a large scale problem. While democrats had prior to 2016 been in favour of a barrier at the Mexican/ US border and presidents including Obama had deported swathes of illegal immigrants and followed the same policies (travel bans and separation of parent and child) without any protestation from the left, the Democrats post 2016 are opposed to sensible border security. Biden will undoubtedly adopt the positions of the majority of the Democratic Party and as a result, be far weaker on immigration than Trump. Instead of following the precedent set by previous democratic candidates and addressing valid concerns about illegal immigration, Biden will part the more radical elements of his party and paint those with legitimate grievances as racist or deplorable as Hillary did in 2016.

On law and order, Trump stood on a strong platform. He promised to “make America safe again”. While Trump goes to war against lawlessness (even if it is simply words at a podium) Biden will pander to the democratic calls to defund the police and roll back progress on stemming the flow of undocumented immigrants, drugs and crime.

On all three issues, Trump's message is clear, his solutions are robust and the silent majority of the electorate feel listened to. Sure they may think he is a rude, reckless, womanising egomaniac but when it comes to casting a vote they will always go for the guy who voices their concerns. Biden and the Democrats lost in a haze of feverous social justice and an intense hatred for Trump have learnt nothing from 2016 and will fail as a result.