The Last Thing We Need Are Celeb Vaccine Endorsements

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

By Oliver James Pike

I despise talk shows. Comedians shoehorn their “bits” into awkward exchanges with faux friendly ,politically correct automatons behind a desk. Actors go on to stroke their ego and sit with Cheshire Cat grins while they tell increasingly dull antidotes and show off to audiences made up by the sort of morons who are wholly of entranced by this sort of surface level pop culture.

Celebrities become even more annoying when they decide to get involved with politics. I hate these sappy black and white videos of celebrities pretending to care about social issues while putting on that phoney sincere voice they use. I despise it when they fill their award acceptance speeches with rants about trump or climate change. Can the public go one day without these self centred hypocrites filling the airwaves with uninformed and ,in many cases, paid for opinions?

Other people appear to hate this as well. Ricky Gervais was widely praised for taking celebrities to task at the Golden Globe award show, Sam Smith was mocked for crying on video over the concept of being stuck in his mansion during the pandemic and celebrities who participated in the cringe inducing “imagine” rendition were mocked and criticised for being a bunch of out of touch egomaniacs.

However the NHS is reportedly looking for celebrities to endorse the vaccine and encourage the public to participate in the vaccination programme. There are several problems with this. The first is that it could be counterproductive and result in less people actually taking the vaccine. Seeing the likes of Sam Smith or Gary Lineker is likely to turn vast swathes of the country against the whole thing. Celebs being discussed include members of the royal family and Marcus Rashford. Both will alienate and divide in ways an aged scientist just can’t. Rashford will likely add a tinge of virtue signalling to proceedings in the eyes of the swathes of rightwing voters and the royal family could rub the public up the wrong way in the same way they did when a prince told us not to have children or drive cars.

The second and possibly more important problem is that this plan does not actually address the many concerns people have regarding this vaccine. The mRNA vaccine developed is a completely new form of vaccine and the testing and approval process has been understandably tightened. It should also be recognised that there is a great deal of misinformation circulating regarding the vaccines which makes it even more important for the government to be transparent and honest when it comes this process. Instead of dragging out celebrities ,who know nothing of science or vaccines, the government should get respected scientists and academics to explain everything to the public.

This foolish belief that the opinions of celebrities are either wildly respected or relevant has led to a dereliction of duty and a reliance on lazy tactics which reveal exactly how stupid the government thinks the public are. Due to a lack of appropriate communication the government may well be shocked by the number of people who will refuse the vaccine and may find that no number of concerned looking millionaires or sculpted actors reading from teleprompters will change the minds of the unconvinced.