Trump Doesn't Pay Tax and Neither Should You!

Updated: Jun 3

By Oliver James Pike

The democrats went into a feverish temper tantrum over the revelations that Trump paid barely any tax despite being a billionaire. I guarantee that the majority of democrat senators, congressmen and women and presidential candidates have avoided tax. In fact, the majority of the population avoids tax and there are several legal methods for reducing your tax liabilities that the state wants you to exploit. Furthermore, the company law makes it very clear (S.172 of company act in The UK) that directors of companies have a legal obligation to maximise profits and therefore reduce tax liabilities. All trump has been doing is obeying the law and making diligent business decisions. He should be applauded for denying the government some of its pocket money rather than hounded by the liberal media. In fact, we should all avoid tax wherever possible and lower the amount of cash the government has to throw around. Maybe then it will be more careful with how it spends its money or could stop wasting it.

I used to feel similar anger to the left-wing media when I heard of someone avoiding tax. But then I looked into how tax revenue was spent and I have to say there is no one I respect less than someone who wants to pay more tax. It is a weak and servile attitude. The left's "model" taxpayer is someone who happily forks over vast swathes of their earnings for absolutely nothing in return. Bins are collected sporadically, potholes are ubiquitous, the police no longer patrol the streets and politicians are increasingly corrupt and self-interested. I was under the impression that not paying tax could indirectly hurt a hospital's funding or force schools to make difficult budget decisions however there are apparently hundreds of billions being wasted on policies that serve no purpose to the people footing the bill. Instead of raiding our wallets for more, the government should reallocate what it already has available and ideally give some of it back.

Why for example does the UK still send millions of pounds in foreign aid to China and North Korea? Taxpayers are having their salary reduced so that we can send cash to countries that operate death camps and oppress their citizens. Why do Isreal and India (two incredibly well-armed and wealthy nations) receive foreign aid from taxpayers in the UK and the US? Why are citizens earning less money so the government can help countries that don't need help? India has even spent the cash we gave them on fighter jets and Mercedes cars. The whole thing is a farce and it needs to end.

Nuclear weapons are another colossal waste of money. Billions are being sunk into Cold War weapons that not only fail to address more real and salient threats to national security but also make us financially incapable of investing in other forms of defence. Furthermore, almost every large infrastructure project is massively over budget and occasionally the government will just "lose track" of money somewhere system. If they are so incapable of providing the service we pay them to provide and show such a lack of respect and regard for the taxpayer then we should simply stop paying as much.

In Scotland, the SNP have taken this abuse of the taxpayer to the next level. Everything is now free. From tampons to baby boxes and school lunches to university tuition. The economy is in tatters and Scotland has been crowned the highest taxed place in the UK. Furthermore, tax raises are expected to pay for the economic fallout from COVID. However, ending free tuition policy that keeps working-class Scots out of uni and lowers the quality of the education received was not once considered. It is now the case that the apprentice plumber must pay for the academic to study a useless degree and end up working in a soulless bar selling overtaxed and overregulated booze to hoards of mask-wearing, politically correct law-abiding citizens. But there may be hope. 2021 is round the corner allowing Scotland to vote the SNP out of office and elect someone to lower taxes.

Unfortunately, that isn't going to happen. The polls already suggest a landslide victory for Nicola's nats and even if by some miracle Douglas Ross became the first minister it is clear that the party cares little about the taxpayer. The party instead of demanding necessary cuts to the budget and reallocation of funding away from frivolous niceties has decided to support free milk for school children. Not only will it likely be semi-skimmed (See Peter Hitchens for full Milk analysis) but will fail to improve anyone's life at all. Milk is one of the cheapest things in the shop. If a family doesn't have 80p lying around then they have bigger problems on their hands than the lack of milk. Instead of telling the people of Scotland to stock their own damn kitchens, the conservatives have acquiesced into a wholly unelectable force that seeks to offer expensive gifts to the electorate while simultaneously hope they conveniently forget who's paying.

I for one have had enough of charges, levies and taxes crippling hardworking citizens all so our politicians can fund brutal regimes, enter costly foreign wars and foot the bill for decades of losses from an over-bloated bureaucracy and an incompetent political class. If the state was a subscription service I would have cancelled my membership long ago. Unfortunately, HMRC has the backing of the government who has the backing of the police and the entire military-industrial complex. So just refusing to pay is unlikely to go down well. Thank god for accountants!