US Column: American Elections Have Consequences. 2020’s May Have Killed an Empire.

By Jonathan P Henderson

Hello to my readers in the land of my ancestors, Scotland! Your servant will henceforth grace the pages of Monolith Media with regular drivel from America. Though a resident of the state of Tennessee nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, where I live matters not; it matters no more or less than any other state or thither, because as America goes, so goes the West and indeed, the entire world. And right now, things are really bad here because as Donald Trump explained, “Everything woke turns to shit.”

For nearly 75 years, America successfully forged a global empire like no other since the Tower of Babel beneath the might of the U.S. dollar and Wall Street. The world was made to drink “the maddening wine of her adulteries” from Washington's chalice. Since the Cold War, any challenges to American hegemony, NATO, and its allying network of neoliberal NGOs, financial institutions, and corporations have been characterized by the media as threats to ‘liberal democracy’. Yet beneath the scatter of rubble, dusty shards of shattered glass and thousands of broken corpses, September 11th, 2001 witnessed the fatal wound absorbed by the surviving half of the postwar order. Over the following seven years, America was plunged into a generation of warfare based on lies that were weaponized to strip its citizens of their most fundamental constitutional rights and civil liberties. Then, Wall Street’s excesses and the Federal Reserve concocted the world’s largest economic collapse in nearly 80 years. Now, with over three and a half years remaining of the Biden/Harris presidency, some now say that the fall of Afghanistan, which had been under U.S. occupation since the aftermath of 9/11, marks the death of the American Empire, and with it eurocentrism.

Yet Afghanistan was only the lynchpin. We shouldn’t shy away either from debating whether America itself is now a failed state. Made manifest are seemingly irreconcilable internal discords and an entropy born of an illiberal, inert social fluidity against which our system appears defenseless. So, what happens if America collapses beneath the weight of our ‘woke’ elites’ nefarious plot to replace its declining population with mass immigration? (much like they are doing throughout Europe). Consider that today in the second year of the third decade of the 21 st century, the West appears to have expunged the last of its connections to the past and credit to our Creator for all its majesty and splendor after decades of truncating its Judeo-Christian institutions. America is now a ghoulish ‘kingdom of forgetting’ whose system was surrendered to bad dudes (like Corn Pop?) who indoctrinate her children to believe that she has nothing left to say. Moral relativism virtually obliterated the implacable standards and vital qualities culturally embedded within Jewish and Christian societies for over 5,000 years. With classical Western philosophy seemingly passé for not being sufficiently ‘woke’, the revelation that Western terms like ‘universal human rights’ or the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights aren’t similarly embraced in the Middle East or decolonized countries are increasingly adopted by the political Right.

Hence, the old orthodoxy of an American identity whose people, according to Margaret Thatcher, are “bound to her… with powerful bonds of patriotism and pride” is now heterodox. Like the rest of the European diaspora, the forceful imposition of America’s values upon foreign societies and cultures as part of a broader metanarrative are now choking the life out of her. As America rots beneath its cultural degeneracy and unprecedented lawlessness, how therefore can we define America’s relationship with Afghanistan when the ‘woke’ alchemists who adjudicate ‘cultural appropriation’ illiberally brand any line of defense on behalf of Western civilization as a failure to acknowledge that ‘Diversity is our strength’? After all, the elites peddling multiculturalism promote a climate of intolerance in which the conditions, according to the late Robert Kennedy, separate people into groups in order to “(discourage) initiative, (paralyze) will and action, and (divide) Americans from one another, by their age, their views, and by the color of their skin.” America today is so racially divided, common ground on fundamental things like ‘goals’ or morality, or what America means, cannot be found. As our white liberal elites launch their Götterdämmerung by eviscerating the European diaspora beneath an artificially induced moral equivalence with Islamic societies, the West will learn it can no longer project its power over rivals with stable cultures without endlessly rebranding itself through social engineering. In fact, no secular nation, be it America or the former Soviet Union, can claim objectivity while unleashing a Rashoman effect onto populations like Afghanistan where sharia commands its people to stone to death homosexuals and women who dress ‘immodestly’. The U.S. Embassy in Kabul didn’t win over Afghan ‘hearts and minds’ by hoisting a rainbow flag during Pride Month. And because the Biden administration is so ‘woke’, it has no possibility of ever formulating a coherent or authoritative foreign policy demanded of every elected American president. By exporting this ‘woke’ multiculturalism over the past 30 years, America’s government sought to ‘Americanize’ the world while shamelessly deconstructing the institutions which make America. While Joe Biden attempts to conceal his cognitive decline by vegetating in the basement of his Delaware mansion, his White House staff performs skits in homage to Harry Potter films during the collapse of Afghanistan.

To their wonder, the American people and an anxious world are watching the antichristian, ‘woke’, and debauched American Empire fall. And after eight months of the ‘woke’ Biden presidency, the borders it dissolved and the downward trajectory of the NATO alliance and America’s special relationship with the United Kingdom indicates that Western civilization as we’d known it―with the tip of the domino effect beginning in America―is ’canceling’ itself. Elections do have consequences.