Vaccine Passports Are Oppressive and Possibly Illegal.

By Derek W Gardiner

“If I am ever asked to produce an ID card then I will take it out of my wallet and physically eat it” Boris Johnson, 2004.

Any illusions that Boris Johnson is a libertarian were surely shattered by his press conference yesterday in which he threatened all young people that if they did not receive two doses of a vaccine that has been in circulation for less than a year and whose side effects are not yet fully understood, then they will be banned from entering night clubs and large indoor venues. Make no mistake, this is the thin edge of the wedge, it could be extended to pubs, restaurants, cinemas and if we’re not careful, the local corner shop. This is mandatory vaccination by the back door.

The government has repeatedly lied to us on this point, the vaccines minister promised us back in January that there would be no vaccine passports, we were told at the end of June that plans for vaccine passports had been scrapped but it only took the government a few weeks to U-turn. Johnson told us that they would be voluntary last week, and this week tells us that they will be mandatory by the end of September in England. Who knows what will happen in Scotland but Sturgeon is likely to also introduce them due to the SNP’s inherent authoritarianism.

Anyone on the woke or progressive left who supports vaccine passports is an utter hypocrite and morally bankrupt, why? Because they will discriminate against all the groups that they claim to be standing up for. They will discriminate against ethnic minorities where vaccine uptake is lower, they will discriminate against those with disabilities that prevent them from being able to receive the vaccine, they will discriminate against those who may choose not to take the vaccine for religious reasons, and it will be the end of data privacy as we know it, it is the very systemic oppression that they rail against.

People make comparisons to yellow fever certificates that are mandatory for international travel to certain countries, however, it is one thing to make vaccine passports mandatory for entry into certain countries, another to make them mandatory for carry out everyday activities in one’s own country.

This is also a violation of the basic precepts of medical ethics and international law. The Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights states that medical interventions may only be carried out with the free and informed consent of the individual and without any disadvantage or prejudice if that consent is withdrawn. The Equality Act 2010 prohibits indirect discrimination against disadvantaged groups and which vaccine passports would surely lead to. The framers of international human rights laws in the post war period understood the importance of individual autonomy and privacy in these delicate matters.

We cannot allow decades of hard won individual liberty be thrown away on a virus whose worst effects have now been more or less neutralised by the vaccination of those most likely to be hospitalised or die.

All those who value individual liberty, be they left or right must come together to strangle this idea in its cradle, once we let the government cross the vaccine passport threshold there is no going back.