We must stop Boris’ Green Revolution

Boris Johnson (The Times)

By Derek W Gardiner

Today I woke up to the news that the government is now looking at the possibility of imposing a direct carbon tax which would have the effect of making meat, cheese and gas heating more expensive. The daily mail estimates that this would make the price of mince 40% higher and the price of milk 22% higher, lamb 15% higher and chicken 10% higher. And this is coming at a time when elderly and working-class people have to choose between heating and eating. Other draconian measures under discussion include a 15% “frequent flyer” tax and banning the sale of oil and gas-fired boilers.

The late great Christopher Hitchens said shortly before he died that he was worried about the green movement taking on some of the characteristics of a religion such as presupposing that humans have an original sin, which is polluting the environment by their mere existence, they had to atone for that by reducing their “carbon footprint” or terrible apocalyptic events would befall the Earth and he would seem to have been right in that assessment. The theory of man-made global warming is becoming the dominant global religion with dissenters labelled as “deniers” and subject to loss of positions and public ridicule. The COVID hysteria can perhaps be viewed a sub-sect of the Climate alarmism that has dominated the political discourse for the last 10-15 years with groups such as Extinction Rebellion causing massive disruption citizens going about their everyday lives. And despite the government saying they would be met “with the full force of the law” that doesn’t change the fact that the government are fully on board with their agenda.

Many in government now see COVID as an opportunity for a green reset as flights have been forced to reduce due to border closures and lockdown restrictions which has led many environmentalists to hope this trend will continue and people will change their behaviour. While I don’t think this will happen voluntarily, it could be made to happen by government edict unless we stop it. There have already been suggestions that President Joe Biden should declare a climate emergency in order to grant himself emergency powers similar to those governments have taken due to the COVID pandemic. There is a reason why the hated character of Jar Jar Binks proposed to give Chancellor Palpatine the emergency powers he needed to create the Galactic Empire in the Star Wars prequels, it was because he was dim-witted and easily manipulated.

The Climate religion is not one that is subscribed to by your average working-class tradesman who enjoys a sausage or bacon roll during his lunch break but by a group of out of touch, quinoa munching liberals who tent to live in nice penthouses and have weekly columns in the Guardian. That kind of politics was offered to the British people by Labour and the Liberal Democrats at the last election and was soundly rejected in favour of the populist campaign of Boris Johnson’s Conservatives.

Yet, since the removal of Dominic Cummings, Johnson has gone back to his London Mayor roots and become a born-again greenie or perhaps his fiancé is making the decisions for him as he seems unable to make decisions for himself. Boris should, however, be careful these damaging policies will only make his own core voters poorer while the owners of the land upon which the wind turbines are built or the companies outsourced to build all the new green infrastructure will make a killing. It will also damage the global Britain brand and investors will take their money elsewhere.

Whom will these voters turn to when they reliese that the Johnson government is no longer on their side?